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Thread: Cracked molar tooth.. Crown or Pull?!!

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    Cracked molar tooth.. Crown or Pull?!!

    So, you've got a cracked molar tooth that has a DEEP filling in it already. Do you pay $1,000 and cap it to save the tooth for a few years, or pull it for $80? Cost not being a factor, Pull or Cap?

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    Been there, done that. I got a porcelain (sp?) crown done. I've had it for 10 years and not had a problem with it yet. Personally I think going around with missing teeth is pretty low-class and doesn't give a good impression in a business environment. If you get it pulled, you may have to get an impant at the tune of $3k + to keep your teeth from shifting all over the place.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Bunbun
    Personally I think going around with missing teeth is pretty low-class and doesn't give a good impression in a business environment.

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    RE: Crown or pull

    I've got 2 crowns. I have a tendency to grind/clench my teeth at night when stressed (which it alot) and have broken my teeth. If you get them pulled your chances of having problems with your other teeth increases. The other teeth will shift and cause your whole bite to be off, and the area where the tooth was can collect food in it and get infected. I highly reccomend the crown. It will actually save you pain and money in the future!

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    Crown!! I have had mine for about 15 years and no problems. I guess if it was the very back tooth in the mouth I would probable pull it, but any other, and I would crown it.

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    Whatever you do DON'T GET AN ONLAY!!! Your Dentist my recommend one because it will let you save the nerve (no root canal involved) but I had one done over 2 years ago and still have trouble chewing on it. I recommend a crown even though it costs out the ass, you will never get any more teeth!

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    I say rip em' all out and do implants. One time fix and the whole thing will only set you back about 2 grand. Permanent fix and they dont decay, or ever give you pain. With the new implant technology five or six posts are implanted into the bone. To these, the actual acrylic plate will be attached. Viola..nice smile!
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    Crown or Implant? Have 1 Implant and 2 crowns in my mug. Money wise the crowns are mostly covered by insurance. Not so sure insurance today will pay for the Implant. My Implant is about 12 years old (molar). Best tooth you will ever have as their is absolutely no sensitivity. Like FastRay says get the inplant false teeth but your check book better be real flush. Whatever you do unless you cannot afford it do not have a tooth pulled and leave your mouth to choose the tooth movement. This is only a step to towards false choppers down the road. With that said how about a big smile.

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    Thanks guys/gals! I've actually got an appointment to "get the gold" when I return from Florida in 2 weeks. I was just curious to your opinions.

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    This is from my dental school wife who thinks she is already a dentist, so I cannot verify the info but it sounds good...

    It Depends if the crack goes all the way to the root. If it does go to the root then yank it, If it does not then get a crown. If you yank it and do nothing else here is what can happen: If it is from the top, then your upper teeth can shift. If it is from the bottom, your upper teeth can grow into that space, because nothing is supporting it. Now to fill in that hole either way you can get a Marylan Bridge for about.
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