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Thread: ZZR1200 Maintenance Schedule

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    ZZR1200 Maintenance Schedule

    Does anyone know if there is an "electronic", or softcopy version of the 2004 ZZR1200 Maintenance Schedule? I track my vehicles on computer, and was wondering if anyone else does as well.

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    None that I know of. I was going to build a spreadsheet in MS Excel for the ZZR and the fleet of cages I'm taking care of. I just have not found the time yet. I think I'll need a seperate spreadsheet for each vehicle and put them all in one workbook.

    Anyone else doing anything like this?

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    Hey Nexxus,

    I use something called "FTWO Motorcycle Management Software", obviously there was enough demand for folks that have a large stable...or aspire for a larger one. Its great for keeping track of every aspect of a maintenance schedule, trip expenses etc.

    Check out www.ftwo.com

    Ride safe,

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    I think the cd's are available on ebay???

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